Welcome to Teddy bEArs For Kids!

To a child, a teddy bear is a symbol of safety and protection. Yes, some kids feel safe knowing they have a teddy bear to protect them during an emotional crisis. While others just need a friend to snuggle and keep them company.  We all know that Teddy Bear’s are cuddly, soft, warm, and lovable. Comforting a child in need is a blessing for us all.  Pick one up at any of the listed areas.

Testimonials From Organizations That Have Received Our Teddy bEArs for Kids;

Healthcare Center

Thank you for your donations to our pediatric ward and the value placed on the needs of our patients by the Florida Society of Enrolled Agents.

Sheriff Department

Your Teddy Bears are very important to the patrolmen on the street. The kids literally grab and hug the bears for security. We routinely use teddy bears and appreciate your replenishing our supply and supporting the officers.


To all those who generously contributed the lovely stuffed critters for the sick children here, a tremendous “thank you”. It lights up the moment for the kids and we so appreciate your generosity and kindness.

Homeless Center

We rely on the unselfish benevolence  and the thoughtfulness of the community to provide for our client’s needs as well as support of our cause. Thank you for your compassion.

Child Protection Services

We volunteers are trained to help the courts decide what is best for an emotionally stressed child. Soft, plush Teddy Bears difuse some of the tension.

We Need Your Help

Every Donated Teddy Bear Represents someone who cares. Won’t you be the next person who cares? Help a child through an emotional tragedy. Donate Today.